Chili Oil – 8oz



Ingredients: Sun Dehydrate Red Chili, Soy-bean Oils, Garlic, Lemongrass, Salt .

* 100% Organic with NO added artificial flavors, Gluten Free  *

Size : 8.Oz

How to Use Chili Oil

Chili oil has many applications in our daily lives. If you want to have eggs or avocado toast for the breakfast, you can use chili oil for it. It is used as a special ingredient in many dishes. Chili oil is also used as a condiment in meals due to the presence of natural spices in it. Both meat and veggies can be cooked in the chili oil to make it spicier and tastier. It will give you a hot punch with every bite you take.


  • Recipe :

  1.   DAN-DAN Noodles
  2. Tomatoes in Chile-Fennel Oil
  3. Sichuan Wonton 




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